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Barkerville formed in 1862 around the Barker Company mine on Williams Creek in the Cariboo District of British Columbia. In its 100 plus years there is a wealth of evidence of its inhabitants and the impact that they have made in the Cariboo.


Barkerville Images

Historical and current images portraying Barkerville's colourful past

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People have been taking pictures of Barkerville since it was founded. Some of the historical images that survived are now in the Barkerville collection, and these are supplemented with current or recently acquired images.

The number of photographs in the Barkerville collection is larger than what appears on the web. The data base will provide information on the location of images. Some of the images that we have listed are owned or copyright by others, therefore we have them in our files but can not publish them on the web.

Barkerville Historic Town retains Ownership of all of the images that are posted on this web site. Any use of the images outside of those agreed upon through contractual agreement is considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly. Barkerville has carried out due diligence in regard to the copyright of all posted images. Any questions regarding copyright can be directed to the laws and literature that are available to Canadians through their local libraries.



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